Social media marketing

Two key points of Search Engine Optimization meet in Social Media Marketing: the importance of both original content and links. Popular social media sites offer high ranking profiles, which can be extremely valuable links to have to promote brand visibility in the search results. With over 250 million users on Facebook, and over 7 million on Twitter, using social media as a way to create and promote quality customer interaction and engagement as well as forming an image and brand can be highly beneficial to your company. However, for social media to be an effective form of marketing, it is absolutely essential to be informed and decide on a strategy before diving in. Building social profiles and dumping links will never be enough.

Is Social Media Right for You?
We all know that social media is hugely popular, but the truth is that it’s not the right fit for everyone. All profiles might be structured the same, but this is not a cookie-cutter form of marketing – the whole point is its personal, individualized nature, and every company has different needs. We’ve mentioned before that SEO for companies that have a product hard for customers to get excited about (such as underground fuel tanks) can’t rely on people to naturally want to link to their site. The same applies with social media – it’s social, which means that fostering an interaction between the company and its consumers is key. If your intended audience isn’t likely to find you or engage you via social media, then creating a number of different profiles could mean wasted time.
Being successful in social media and making it a useful resource to aid in your SEO, takes a lot of time and resources, and if you believe it is right for your company, Ashi Technology can help you create the individualized game plan you need to promote that success.

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