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At the very top and down the right hand side of the major search engines, you will find something called sponsored listings. Love or hate them, Sponsored Listings work. They provide a quick and affordable way to capture highly qualified shoppers within minutes of placing your ads. It’s an excellent opportunity to choose specific search terms you would like to be found under and pay only for those who click on your listings. The vast majority of clicks on a search engine are in the upper left hand corner of the results. Top placement within this area can generate massive traffic. We offer full service search engine positioning solutions for setup, management, conversions and reporting within both Google and Yahoo’s Pay Per Click search portals.

Qualified and Experienced
The staff of Ashi Technology has been providing full time Pay Per Click management since 2009. We currently manage over a million dollars per year in click-through fees within Google alone.

We can have you listed at the top of the major search engines within days!
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“Since implementing your Pay Per Click service my monthly spending has been cut in half yet my web business has doubled. It really is a great investment.”
-Tobias Bulter
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Pay Per Click Management
Our services include full service key phrase research, account setup, conversion tracking, detailed monthly reports and more. Your direct click-through fees, which go straight to the search engines, can vary between $0.10 to over $5.00 per click. Please note that we also provide organic search engine optimization services for top rankings within the non-sponsored listings (which typically offer a better investment in the long run). However, we recommend using both services for fast results and maximum presence.
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Do you guarantee search engine positioning?
In theory, sponsored listings can be considered guaranteed search engine positioning; however, the search engines still have the right to rotate your paid listings based on bid cost, click-through rates and the quality of your landing pages. If it is the non-sponsored (FREE) listings you are interested in, take a look at our search engine optimization services.

We also provide search engine placement services for improved rankings within the preferred, non sponsored listings. Our full service Pay Per Click management includes key phrase research, preliminary spending estimates, strategic bidding suggestions, budget spending limit control, accounts within Google and Yahoo, monthly reports, conversion tracking, hourly bid checks (when applicable) and on-going monthly support to continually manage and improve your campaign.