link building services

Today’s major search engines monitor incoming links (link popularity) from other relevant and/or quality websites as a major role in determining who ranks above whom. Focusing on quality websites AND the proper use of anchor text within those one-way, incoming links have proven to be extremely effective in generating top rankings.
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Why are links important? Here is a direct quote from Google found on a page entitled, “Ranking”:
“In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”
So how is this done?
First let us say that we are not a fan of link exchanges, especially through automated programs that build useless pages upon pages of links designed only for the search engines. However, we DO recommend the following methods for building natural, one-way links (all of which we can provide for you):
1) Provide quality, relevant and unique content that will encourage others to link to you without even asking.
2) Submit to relevant, niche directories that use real human editors and are known to generate valid back links within the major search engines.
3) Find out who is linking to your competitors and ask them to link to you as well.
4) Contact relevant and quality websites and blog sites who may be willing to review and link to your website.
5) Write and syndicate press releases that include a link back to your website.

Link Baiting
Provide content on your website that is truly unique, interesting or even controversial (within reason) so that other websites will desire to link to you without even asking. This form of “link baiting” is something we provide within our all-inclusive optimization packages which include quality copywriting services. This method can be further magnified by educating thousands of other industry related websites about your website through online syndicated press releases. This service is included within many of our optimization packages, or available as a standalone service priced per press release (includes copywriting and syndication).
Note: If you are like many companies who sell something that is difficult to get excited about (such as underground fuel tanks), you may find that no matter how interesting your website is, most people will care less about linking to you. Thus, we recommend the following additional methods as highly effective ways to increase your back links and improve your search engine rankings:

This is NOT to be confused with rip-off offers of “Submit your website to 500,000 search engines and directories .Those types of automated services are not only a complete waste of time and money, but may even result in negative spam issues. We recommend submitting your website to relevant categories within high quality permanent directories. These are quality (human-edited) directories whose permanent directory listings have proven to show up as valid back links within major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and/or Bing.

Manual Link Building
This service begins with an in-depth report that will list which websites are pointing links toward your (top ranking) competitors. This list will then be sorted by quality and relevance, as well as which websites may be linking to two or more of your competitors. AT will then contact these websites through the use of phone calls and/or by email and ask them directly if they would consider linking to your website. A detailed progress report is included. While there is no guaranteed quantity of success, this service can generate between 1-3 highly qualified, permanent links per hour.

Press Releases
There are literally thousands of news related websites who are looking for fresh news to use as content within their newsletters and on their websites. Depending on your specific industry, there are over 50,000 potential publishers who may receive your press releases. At the bottom of your press releases will include your company information and a link back to your website. This is an excellent method for generating interest (and natural links) toward your company. Press releases are a proven method of generating immediate and qualified click-through traffic.