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According to a survey in the beginning of 2011, 72% of people surveyed reported the return on investment (ROI) of their email marketing campaigns as good to excellent, putting email marketing second only to SEO efforts as a marketing channel. Research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association predicted an ROI of $42.08[1] for every dollar spent on email marketing in 2010 (search advertising returned $21.85 per dollar spent in 2009). If you’re not including email marketing in your advertising budget, you’re missing out on precise targeting as well as the opportunity to build relationships, loyalty, and trust.

Whether you want to send surveys, advertise your company’s products and services, or you’re simply looking for an email newsletter service, Ashi Technology will help devise a strategy that will promote your business using the indisputable power of email marketing. Digital marketing doesn’t just stop at SEO or SEM – a successful Internet marketing program means taking a holistic approach and using the avenues that best suit your goals.

Our email advertising services include the following options:

Template Design

  • Email Template Design
    We’ll use our expertise to design an email template for your business that will stay true to your image while also being user-friendly and easy to read.
  • Landing Page Design
    Need help designing landing pages for your email campaigns? We can provide consulting and design as well as coding and form programming for your landing pages.


Email Development

  • (X)HTML Email Coding
    Our developers will code your email template using standards-compliant (X)HTML that will be rendered consistently on major email clients.
  • Email Signup Form Assistance
    To assist with your list growth strategies, we will set up an email sign-up form, email sign-up web page, and/or Facebook signup page.
  • Setup & Integration
    We will set up your email marketing account, import your email list, and implement your template into third-party email marketing software.


Campaign Production

  • Professional Email Copywriting Services
    Are you lacking the time investment it takes to write truly interesting content that will drive your email campaign? Great news – simply provide us with the topical information for each campaign and we can create the content you need to effectively engage your audience.
  • Production & Mailing
    Using the content you’ve provided (or copywriting contracted to us) and your subscriber list, we will produce and email your campaign, choosing the best layout for the information included. We will also include special coding to ensure each link in the email is trackable. A text-only version of your email will also be created for email clients with limited capabilities.
  • Autoresponder Setup
    Includes implementation of a custom autoresponder email for successful email signups.


Campaign Analysis

  • Reporting
    To help you better understand your subscribers, we can provide you with a report including information on messages sent, delivered, opened, and bounced for each email as well as clicks, forwards, unsubscribes and more.


Email Optimization

  • Email Audit
    Do you want to ensure you’re making the most of your existing email marketing campaigns? Our trained experts will audit your current campaign based on over 120 key factors and consult with you on improving your email marketing. We will provide you with a comprehensive report including prioritized recommendations for campaign improvement based on the following categories: email design and layout, template coding, user experience, strategy analysis, campaign metrics analysis, and SPAM law compliance[2].
  • List Hygiene
    It’s best to keep your email list clean to get the most out of your marketing campaigns and to obtain the most accurate metrics. We will clean your list of contacts that continually don’t interact with your communications as well as email addresses that are likely unmonitored or bogus. We’ll also check your lists for invalid domains and common mistypes.
  • Email A/B Split Testing
    Many companies make the mistake of not testing because they don’t know where to start, but testing is absolutely key for conversions. Before your email campaign is sent to everyone on your list, we will test two separate newsletter implementations with small user groups to establish which is the most effective with your user base. Per each individual test, we can test one of the following: subject lines, from names, layout, or design (may incur additional template design fees).

Are you using strategic email marketing as part of a well-formed Internet marketing campaign? Call us or fill out our online form for more information on our email marketing services and pricing.