Since 2009, Coach Training EDU has had the incredible gift of meeting and training dynamic individuals from around the world. We are grateful for the participation, energy, and growth each interaction has brought to our trainings. We are continuously celebrating their success and drive to change the world.

We would love to collaborate with you!

“I am blown away with your attention to detail, your professionalism and encouragement and want to say how much I am in AWE OF WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED AND CONTINUE TO CREATE EVERYDAY. Thank you.”

-Sergio Gonzalez

“Being truly present has been something I’ve struggled with in my personal life, so it makes sense that it’s also a challenge professionally. Recognizing this tonight allows me to finally move forward and shift my being.”

-Beth Campbell

“John, who is a kid of only a few words with his parents these days, came home very upbeat about your session. He said he thought your life coaching would be much better. In general, he has been trying much harder at school and complaining slightly less. Yesterday I went to review bio with him for a quiz that he has today and he was totally on top of the material.”

Not bad after one session, with a completely noobie coach like me! Looking forward to more cool work like this. Thanks so much for helping make this happen for me.”


“I just want to say THANK YOU for this weeks amazing class!!!! All of our classes are great but I really enjoyed this one. It was so much fun and so empowering. I love this stuff!! And to Jennifer, you are absolutely amazing and my life feels richer by having met you. John thank you for offering this training and helping each of us connect. As I sit and reflect I think about how crazy it is that I have 11 other amazing people in my life that I feel so connected to and yet have never “officially” met. I share with everyone the concept of this virtual class and how this is our future, our way to connect, to learn, to grow, and come together to make significant changes in our world.”

-Annette Jalbert

“I am so excited to be coaching a new client and student that I had to share with you how good it feels to be “back in the world of Academic Life Coaching”. (After what seems like I was so long away while I finished CTI certification!)

Revisiting the motivation and learning styles, well designed outcomes, and hearing your voice on recordings again puts me right back on my Tuesday calls! I am happy and pleased to be doing academic life coaching, it feels so right and purposeful!”

-Barbara Buckner

“You are so right on about your program…Academic life Coaching for our youth…it is just what our youth need. It is life transforming for them and us.”

-Mary Lu O’Hollaran

“Thanks, John. I was able to listen to the whole class last night, up until the break off point, and wow, powerful stuff with the assumptions and limiting beliefs. Love, too, that its so quick. Once you really create awareness and start to pick them out during your day ( eventually our client’s session), its like oh ok. I THINK this, it rolls right into the more detailed perspective, and of course action and Boom, you have it. I have that image with the arrows in my brain – and will be using it in my own life for sure.”

-Alison Manley

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the direction and advice earlier today. I am motivated to work harder and focus on making my calls structurally sound as the “next step” in becoming a Master coach. I appreciate all your help and guidance through this process!”

-Brittany Barden

“Things have come together for me in a very profound way this past week. I didn’t find the concepts difficult to grasp – but I just didn’t “feel it” until this past week. Now I have got it – I feel it in a very deep way and am on fire. I feel no internal resistance when sharing this program with others.”

-Reed Mendenhall

“A lightbulb definitely went off tonight. It was GREAT having you on tonight’s call. The good news is that this class is actually the one constant bit of fun and enjoyment for me at this “stage of the game.”

-Joan Lockwood

“I just wanted to say that I am loving the format where we get to coach, be coached, and be an observer.  It is great to be in such a safe and learning environment.  I get to play around with my coaching presence and see where I think things are going well, and what I  need to change in order to get better.  This is definitely a coach approach to learning how to coach!  :-)”

-Natalie O’Connor

“Andrew was home this weekend.  I am so proud of how he is doing.  He is organized, making good grades, friends, and good choices.  He said that the thing that most prepared him for college was his life coaching seminar.  He also had the opportunity to “coach” a friend that was struggling in a relationship.  They were up until 3 am!!!! Thank you, John.  I am forever grateful.”

-Annie Smith

“Just want to take a second to thank you for every moment in today’s class a teachable moment…in the coaching demo, I felt like I was kind of going through it blindly, but your feedback helped me actually learn quite a bit throughout the process. I also appreciate the freedom you’ve set up to fail and try again–it’s such a unique learning environment.

“Thanks again for making today’s class such a rich experience! Looking forward to next week’s session.”

Sarah Glassburner

“Just want to say thank you again for the opportunity to take your class and learn so much. I think the best evidence of the change ALC has brought in my life is my family and friends commenting on the passion they see in me and how supportive and encouraging they are. Your support and encouragement also means a lot and I keep that present when I am coaching. You have a truly remarkable mission that you are sharing with the world and I am honored to be able to join in that mission.”

-Colleen Gecawich

(From an email Colleen sent a few months later)

“Hey I just want to let you  know I had a very nice phone call today from the mother of the teen I coached this summer.  She told me his pediatrician asked about his summer and he proceeded to tell the Dr. about the ALC program and how much he learned and how valuable it was and how he is using what he learned now as far as his studies and in school. The mother was almost in tears because she didn’t realize until then how much value he got from his sessions (and then I was almost in tears).  Anyway, it was great to hear and the Dr. asked for brochures to hand out so yea for me and the ALC program!
I know you are starting a new class tonight- it won’t be as good as ours, but enjoy!  :)”

“John, thank you so much for your thoughts. They were incredibly helpful and when I reminded myself that I don’t have to fix all the problems. That’s something I know, but perhaps have forgotten, especially as the numbers have increased and I start looking for efficiency rather than thoroughness.

I took those concepts into my calls on Friday and has some absolutely incredible calls! Listening at level 2 actually became much easier once I reminded myself I wasn’t responsible for the outcome.

All that to say, thank you! I appreciate the support and am excited to keep learning and growing!”

-Matt Holsinger

“…I have been entertained and inspired watching you all in the videos – Your openness and generosity with each other and the commitment to learning is so encouraging and refreshing.

My mission statement headline is “to be a source of en-couragement to all I meet and work with” so it is great seeing you all do that for each other.

There are not many places you can go to watch people coach and express how useful it can be and help you get the most from it.

Of course John is great and helpfully  instructional which provides such a great foundation. The review sharing sessions after the coaching sessions are just great!!

It remains a joy to be an a group with you and I hope we can get even more ‘good stuff’ over the next few weeks.

I look forward to ‘meeting’ up and working together again   …. very soon!!”

-Iyare Umweni