Who are the Major Search Engines?
A. No surprise, Google currently holds the #1 spot. They recently announced that they have reached over one trillion web pages within their index and are continuing to grow by several billion new web pages per day. As of 2007 it was stated by comScore that Google was responding to over 35 billion searches per month (over one billion per day). Thus, when it comes to search engine optimization and search engine marketing services, our primary focus is generating top positions within Google, however our clients also rank well across the board.

Google supplies both sponsored and free results to AOL and Netscape. They also provide sponsored results to Ask.com. Yahoo supplies both sponsored and free results to AllTheWeb, Lycos and AltaVista, making them the second largest search portal and MSN the third.

Search Engine Marketing

Why is search engine marketing so important?
A. Our search engine positioning firm can generate a tremendous amount of qualified traffic. Many of our clients have stated that our services generated the best return on investment (ROI) they have ever seen, when compared to conventional forms of marketing and advertising such as direct mail, print ads and trade shows. The ever growing increase of high speed internet access, both at the office and at the home, has pushed this even further. There are currently over 200 million internet users within the U.S. alone and over one billion internet users worldwide.

How much of an influence do search engines have over online purchases? When online users were asked how they found the websites they purchased from, a survey from DoubleClick revealed the following results: Search engine optimization services
“When I compare the cost to performance, I cannot imagine a better way to advertise. The quality of these leadsare the most impressive. I don’t even consider a call from our website as a lead any more, they’re sales!”- Bill Herguth, CEO, Herguth Laboratories On top of this, the pre-qualification of search engine generated leads has proven to be higher than those that come from other forms of conventional advertising (such as print ads, direct mail and tradeshows). These are not people that you had to hunt for (shotgun branding efforts), these are people who are already hunting for you! Knowing the specific keywords that they are using AND being found at the top of Google should be a #1 budget priority in your marketing plan. Our clients have seen incredible results from our search engine placement services.

Additional findings from other marketing research firms:

“81 percent of internet users find the web sites they’re looking for through search engines. And 54 percent of experienced online shoppers primarily rely on a search engine when trying to find a product to purchase online.”
- Jupiter Communications: Consumer Survey Data

“Search engines have created more awareness for websites than all other advertising combined including banners, newspapers, television, and radio.”
- IMT Strategies

“Over 80% of search engine users find what they are looking for within the first three pages. Sales leads made from keyword and phrase searches are the most qualified and have the highest purchase probability.”
- Forrester Reports

Image of Search Engine TrafficWhere do people click the most?
According to the “eye tracking” chart seen to the right (generated by Enquiro), you can see what is commonly referred to as the “Google triangle.” This proves two things; 1) the importance of being ranked at the top of the page, versus the bottom and 2) non-sponsored (organic, natural) rankings listed down the left hand side receive far more traffic than the sponsored (Pay Per Click) rankings listed down the right side.

We superimposed a Google results page below this eye / click tracking heat map to help clarify what you are looking at.

While sponsored listings can be profitable (when done correctly), improving your rankings within the non-sponsored listings is a far better investment in the long run. If your site is not appearing within the top of the first page (when searching for your specific products), you are choosing to allow your competitors to reap from this profitable piece of search engine real estate.

It only makes sense to budget a portion of your marketing budget toward people who are already searching for you in the first place. Ashi Technology is a search engine positioning company that can help you increase your sales by dramatically improving your overall presence within the major search engines.