To create a global community of coaches and professionals with thriving coaching careers that empower individuals to flourish.

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Our trainers go through a rigorous process of training and selection. They are chosen in-house and each of them completed an CTE 1.0 and 2.0 course.

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Meet the Founders


From college sweethearts to successful entrepreneurs, John and Amois Williams started Coach Training EDU with a belief that love, scholarship, and a whole lot of hard work can change the world.

Founded 2009

Coach Training EDU was founded in 2009 by John and Amois Williams in Portland, Oregon as an online coach training program. Rawan, from Dubai, and Gina, from Boston, were the first two coaches trained in what has grown to a worldwide organization training more than 300 coaches a year around the world.

Mission of Coach Training EDU

Our mission is revolutionize education, wellness, and the way we work, so that everyone can experience what it feels like to flourish. We are passionate about increasing human flourishing and changing the world through coaching concepts.

Future of Education

Coach Training EDU leverages technology to create an immersive coach training experience.Lectures are prerecorded, and your learning is maximized by realtime feedback and guided practice in your live, weekly webinars.

Our approach is grounded in classical philosophy and guided by cutting-edge neuroscience and positive psychology research. We offer highly interactive, engaging training sessions, designed on a flipped-classroom model, to give you the most well-rounded and engaging training experience possible.